Monday, 19 January 2009

Windows Seven Beta 2

Windows Seven beta has been released for a couple of days now. I have just managed to nget it installed after several courupted downloads. (A quick note: a work arround for a courupt download is to download the entire image at ONCE) Anyway the installation was a lengthly process. I chose to "Upgrade" which on my midranged Laptop took 3 and a half HOURS! Now that is done first impressions I have to say are outstanding. Only one driver problem for my printer but that will only require a quick visit to Microsoft Updae and I'll be done. There are many new features most interestingly the Taskbar. They have had quite an overhaul on the whole switching apps front. There are no longer long oblong buttons with the label of the process on it. Instaed they have chosen to scrap that in place of a "Grouped" idea. Basically they have put just the icon of the app and when you hover over it all the different windows within that app apear as thumbnails. These windows include tabs in IE8 beta which is included on the image. It is hard to see many faults surprsingly. In the couple of hours I have been using I have not seen a single UAC or a fault with the programs. In fact it is more stable than my previous Windows Vista OS. One quibble I do have is boot time. It would seem they have put more time into a pretty picture at boot than they have in the time itself. It takes a good 2 or 3 minutes to turn on a twice the recomended specs (almost exactly) I am diaspointed there is no option for an "On the fly" boot which just opens a browser app and conects you to the internet and I am sorry to say that I am yet to see any of the Kernal level speeding up they have done come through. Hopefully they will release a faster version for the release date currently set at June 2009. I will kepp you all posted on any further progressions! One final note if you want to downlad the beta I'd hurry. They limited the keys to just 2.5 million and the release was a while back. I hope you can all enjoy the testing.

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