Friday, 2 January 2009

Lego NXT

Firstly OMG, this stuff is so cool, I have been considering buying one for some time and I have become increasingly interested since Christmas, I have been researching them a lot on Youtube and there is even a dedicated blog to them on blogspot (here).  If you have looked at any sort of robotics on the internet you will know that the higher "bit" the processor in the Microcontroler (brain) the better the capabilities are. This has a 32 bit Processor, it is so powerful that it suports voice synthisis (it can talk on it's own)  It comes with 3 servo motors that have built in rotation sensors, and a variaty of other sensors.  It also has blue tooth so you can program it and control it without wires!  All in all it is a fun product, watch this space for a full reveiw of the product.

PS: The picture is Lego's not mine

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