Friday, 9 April 2010

Apple is busy PWNING everyone

Some of you may have noticed that Apple has been busy owning Adobe and Google as of late.  This has been getting up quite a few people’s noses – one of the Developers at Adobe on theflashblog wrote:

Now let me put aside my role as an official representative of Adobe for a moment as Speaking purely for myself, I would look to make it clear what is going through my mind at the moment. Go screw yourself Apple.

Now some of you will be thinking that Adobe has every right to be angry at Apple, as Apple are making it as hard as possible for Adobe to even look at the iPhone OS, let alone execute any Adobe related code on it.  Well I look at it from the consumers POV.  Flash is the number one source of browser problems, this is slightly different to how Jobs worded it,

Most of the time if a Mac crashes it is because of Flash in Safari

it is different because I don’t have knowledge of why Macs crash and if a browser plug in can ruin the whole system that is poor programming.  This being said I do realise that the biggest problem in the browser and the most unreliable part is almost always flash.  I use one of the most stable browsers about – Chrome, and I use just Flash, no extensions, no addons not even a theme. Yet at least once in my browsing session I am likely to introduced to some instability and this is ALWAYS due to flash.  So from a user point of view the web browser on the iPad is more stable and reliable than the web browser on my desktop.  I know which I would prefer to use.  It isn’t like Apple wants to restrict access to interactive content through the browser, far from it, this sort of Web Application makes the iPhone OS more valuable.  No, Apple wants it’s mobile OS to be the most stable around and until Adobe can sort out it’s act and fix these stability issues I don’t see Apple EVER even considering adding flash to iPhone OS.  Ever. Did I make my self clear here?

Another fight that has been hotting up recently we have less information about.  The Google vs. Apple war that has been waging since Google started to really promote Android with the “Droid” release.  Dr. Eric Schmidt has fallen further out of grace with Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently after a phone call made a few days ago to the Google CEO by Jobs, 9to5Mac reports.  At the end of this call the Schmidt lost composure and looked “weird”, I have a feeling that Steve is about to drop Google and possibly move to Bing services from Microsoft instead.  This was rumoured a while ago, but to me this is some more concrete evidence.

So at the end of this who is quids in?  Well, I would say the consumer.  Apple is continually trying make it’s platform the best, be it keeping up with the competition with Google’s Android, or fending off companies that could ruin the user experience in some of their flagship products – which by the way happily promotes things like HTML5, a huge competitor and good replacement to Flash.  Well done Jobs, Microsoft is a friend well done for spotting the real enemies here.

One last note:  When you buy a product like the iPhone you know you are joining a closed environment and you know what you are getting yourself in for and you can remain cautious..  When you buy or use products from an open company, trusting them with your data and personal information, remember that they may not be the same smiling – trustworthy – company tomorrow.

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