Sunday, 6 December 2009

Are Microsoft Finally letting go of Windows XP?

Nearly 3 Years from the launch of XP’s successor and nearly 8 years since the Windows XP launch Microsoft seem to be begining to move towards Windows Vista and Windows Seven as their primary developments Systems, leaving XP behind in their development cycles


While Pivot is only a Live Labs project I feel that this is a profound move for the software giant, the choice to leave XP behind is possibly what Windows Seven needs to take off in business and with gamers.  It could be argued that there is aren’t many reasons to switch if you are happy with the OS you are on, and I would agree, but a lack of modern software may see people moving OS.  It is worrying for me though as it could also be a rod for Microsoft’s aging back.  People are more and more often going towards Apples beautiful hardware and staying on OSX.  The actions Microsoft takes here in it’s old age could prove to be rash and jeopardise it’s future to being an IBM like company – making money but not really that interesting.

Time will tell

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