Saturday, 14 November 2009

Some new music to program too…

For a long time now I have advocated that fast heavy music helps me type, think and program.  Perhaps it is only because my mother played it to me as a baby (did she mis-hear that Beethoven is what makes babies smart?)

Now I program away while listening to System Of A Down, or Cradle of Filth – and so on.  Today we got some new music, two System of a Down albums, the new Megadeth album and some more Metallica (7 of 9 are owned now…)

It perhaps has escaped your attention why this is important and I am blogging about it, to be honest there isn’t much reason than to add some personality to a not so popular blog.  I am really only writing this so any readers out there know a little more about me as a person.  I will try to follow this post up with similar posts giving some meaning to who I am and what I like and what I do with my time.

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