Thursday, 13 August 2009

Here comes the big cat…

So this message is being sent from Windows 7, soon to become Microsoft's biggest selling operating system. On Saturday I have the opportunity to visit the Apple Store, meaning I can buy a fully legal copy of

OS X Leopard 10.4.7. I am looking forward to installing it on my 17 inch laptop, creating the HacBook Pro. My hard drive is VERY full at the moment, with dozens of Visual Studio products and 1000s of photos. I am trying to save as much data as I can, I shall create a FAT32 partition for the photos so I can use iPhoto with them. More challenging is the Music collection. I have 10 or more GB of music and 8/9 of podcasts that I have accumulated since I bought my iPod Touch 8 months ago. This will have to be stored on a portable HDD while I begin making the transition.
Needless to say that Recycle bin will be used an awful lot.
Next Update coming soon...

OSX Introduction

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