Thursday, 18 June 2009

At last, I have breathed life into the Arduino!

After some patience and a lot of soldering I have got the connections on the Arduino to be good enough to program it, so after doing the obvious blink I had a quick play around with some of the other features, I have a succession of LEDs blinking as I type this post!  I intend to use an LCD panel and an Ethernet shield and create a Twitter feed reader, or at least a small server.  future projects include some documentation possibly for SoC or GHOP (Summer of code and Google's Highly Open Participation (contest)  respectively)   Also with the LCD panel I may make a networkable Media Player and spectrum display.

Any ideas would be greatly accepted, some robotics stuff may be on it’s way but for now I need to learn the C++ language, seems quite easy though, from a C# developer’s POV (Point of View)

I also am doing some client-side (PC based) projects, for example a twitter client and my RSS reader needs continual work to keep the feature set expanding, but all in all things are going well.  As soon as I have set up an Appspot account I will publish these and start churning out updates, should be good.  Some other things to note are my work with the WiiMote recently, I haven’t done much since the first post but I have at least dug into the library, creating a small application that sets the position of a black square + the wiimote’s X and Y co-ordinates, I managed to do this in VS 2008 pro through the dreamspark scheme, I will also use Expression to start bringing WPF programs to you as well, as soon as this has been done I will post them again to the Appspot, so watch this space for info on my up and coming projects.

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